Why hire an employer’s agent?

Published: November 16, 2022
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An employer’s agent is someone who represents you in design and build contracts to make sure they’re fulfilled accurately and for the agreed costs. They ensure your responsibilities under any contract are fulfilled and remove the risk of noncompliance, but you’ll always be in control and have final say. 

Your employer’s agent is your legal representative. Appointing an employer’s agent means you’ll get impartial advice and someone acting on your behalf to ensure contracts are fulfilled on time and as per the agreement. Cost consultants and quantity surveyors make great employer’s agents because of their deep understanding of contract law and contracts. They take a structured approach to contract management, leaving you free to focus on more valuable responsibilities.

Let’s take a closer look at how your employer’s agent will make sure you fulfil all your contractual obligations, and the benefits of working with a construction cost consultant.

Expertise from pre-contract to completion

Some companies appoint a cost consultant or project manager from day one. This is a good idea to ensure you have the right level of expertise for every aspect of your project. They can advise you on pre-tender planning, cost optimisation, project strategy, finance, contractual issues and prepare your tender documents while ensuring ROI is maintained. 

Other firms prefer to bring them in at the tender stage to manage delivery of the project. Either way, it’s important to find a cost consultant that you trust as you’ll be giving them the authority to act on your behalf. When the contract is executed, they can then seamlessly step into the role of employer’s agent.  


At this stage, your cost consultant will not yet have stepped into the role of employer’s agent. That comes once your construction contract is in place. However, appointing a cost consultant to the role means they will have a better overview of your project and a more holistic approach. At pre-contract stage, they can:

  • analyse briefs, prepare cost estimates, and draft a project programme
  • appraise the site and arrange a survey if required
  • brief contractors on your requirements, prepare tender documents and negotiate contracts
  • advise on warranties, bonds, consent forms and licences
  • prepare all relevant documents.

This will get your project off to a good start and ensure contractors understand your goals, requirements and expectations in terms of the timeline.


When the contracts have been drawn up and signed, your employer’s agent will receive and issue:

  • applications
  • contents
  • instructions
  • notices
  • requests
  • statements.

You will still be responsible for:

  • providing possession of the site
  • making payments to contractors
  • issuing notices drafted by your employer’s agent to contractors following the issue of a non-completion notice stating that you may require payment of or withhold/deduct liquidated damages.

As well as ensuring work is carried out on time and to a high standard, the employer’s agent should prevent legal disputes happening post-contract, which is vital to keep costs under control and ensure your projects complete on time.

Reducing risks

Working with a cost consultant means you’ll be getting impartial, balanced advice based on the latest trends and insights from the industry. We can help you make more informed decisions and act on your behalf to make sure contracts are fulfilled on time and for the agreed costs.

Navigating legal and contractual issues can be complicated. At Multiproject, our team has all the knowledge and skills to keep things simple. We believe clear communication and a structured approach is the key to keeping all parties collaborating well and in line with contractual agreements. 

We can save time, reduce risks and ensure your projects deliver the projected ROI. If you choose to work with both an employer’s agent and a quantity surveyor, you’ll benefit from both cost expertise and project management skills. 

Our goal is to work alongside your team to deliver your vision. If your contracts have been drawn up and you’re worried about compliance, let us guide you.

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