We answer your most asked questions about construction cost consultancy.

My budget is limited. How can I afford to pay a consultant?

Our consulting services are focused on helping you deliver projects on time and budget, ensuring profitability and maximising your ROI. We help you save money and the savings are likely to be greater than our consultancy fees. Overall, this means that we can work within your limited budget while still reducing your costs.

On top of this, we also save you a lot of time by handling a considerable amount of paperwork. For contractors, this means you can focus your efforts on the actual construction work. For developers, this ensures you can deal with other areas of your projects to make sure everything is running smoothly.

How will your team complement our internal capabilities?

Our goal isn’t to replace members of your team, but to bring in additional knowledge and expertise to complement your business. We’ve worked extensively on hundreds of projects with architects and designers, and this breadth of experience means we can bring fresh insights and tried and tested methodologies to your project. We work closely alongside you to make sure we have a thorough understanding of your goals and challenges, and keep clear lines of communication open at every stage.

Will I lose control over my projects?

No, definitely not. We’ll work with you and support you to carry out work regarding estimates, budgets, regulations and legal matters. All of the important decisions are still yours to make; we’ll simply provide you with tailored advice so you can make more informed decisions.

I don’t want anyone to know my project financials. Can you accommodate this?

The Multiproject team have worked for many high net worth clients and on projects with strict security requirements. We are bound by a duty of care, which includes confidentiality, and we can discuss your specialist requirements and amend protocols to suit. If you have concerns about keeping your project financials confidential, a non-disclosure agreement can be arranged.

How can I trust that your team won’t put their financial gains above my best interests?

We always put our clients’ best interests first. That means striving to maximise profitability and build strong, long-lasting relationships. While our quantity surveyors and cost consultants need to earn a living, if we didn’t provide clients with a great experience we wouldn’t get any repeat business. In short, what’s best for our clients is best for Multiproject, and we’ll make sure you have full visibility of costs at every stage of the project.

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