What to look for in a construction cost consultant

Published: July 22, 2022
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Cost consultants play a vital role at every stage of your construction project. From providing advice around procurement strategies and cash flow forecasts, to preparing contracts, and helping to manage risk.

But how do you choose the right cost consultant for you, and why is it more important than ever to have the right support?

Navigating a changing industry

The construction industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Interest rates and wages are soaring, supply chain issues are leading to materials shortages, and regulations are changing, such as the Building Safety Act, which came into force earlier this year.

A cost consultant will provide you with accurate forecasting and advise you on changes to project profitability throughout the project to avoid unexpected costs. They also have the specialist knowledge to help you comply with new legislation and make sure your contracts are in order. That’s on top of keeping your project running on time and helping you to get the best possible results from your development.

Industry experts

A great cost consultant should know the construction industry inside out. That comes from having working knowledge of the sector and hands-on experience. They should be aware of the latest best practices and know how to apply them to each and every project, and they should have the technology to help them do this efficiently.

At Multiproject, we have 13 years’ experience of supporting developers and architects. In that time, we’ve worked on a range of projects, from new builds and refurbs to commercial developments. We understand that no two projects are the same, but all can benefit from doing things by the book.

We follow approved RICS and CIOB procedures, and our specialist cost planning software helps us deliver accurate reports.

Holistic services

When you’re working with multiple stakeholders, things can get complex. Finding a cost consultant who can provide everything you need under one roof will improve collaboration with third-parties and keep your project running smoothly.

We live by this rule at Multiproject. Our holistic services are flexible, transparent and designed to work alongside your team. We manage finance and contractual matters, while you focus on design. And crucially, our goal is to support you. Never to take over.

Your cost consultant should offer you advice and explore all options with you, but ultimately leave the big decisions up to you.

A highly-skilled team

When you’re looking for a cost consultant, check out their team’s qualifications and make sure they align well with your needs. We have a broad range of skills across our team and strong administrative assistance from our office manager to keep projects running smoothly.

Alongside our fully qualified quantity surveyors, our estimators are experts in civil engineering and preparing costs and bills of quantities, and our managing director is a Contract Manager and member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Every member of our team is friendly, experienced and dedicated to helping clients get the best from their projects, and we communicate clearly every step of the way.

Look for testimonials

To find out if a company is right for you, check out what their existing clients have to say. Testimonials can give you powerful insight into what it’s like working with a construction cost consultancy, and the type of client they usually work with.

Case studies and project galleries can also be really helpful to find experts who’ve worked on similar projects to yours and to set realistic expectations around project outcomes.

Finally, check to see how the company is ranked by the industry. Multiproject was awarded Best Small QS Practice by SME News in 2020.

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