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Fast track delivery of three houses

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The challenge

A contractor had to deliver three new build homes in West London with only a nine month construction period and a two week mobilisation period.

Our solution

We created an eight month programme to ensure the project was achievable and put in place contingency plans to mitigate delays.

The result

The project was delivered on time and 20 percent below budget.

A closer look at our approach

During the short mobilisation period, we produced a detailed construction programme, including an accelerated eight month version to ensure the project could be delivered on time, without compromising on quality.

We identified the required design information and subcontractor schedules and also prepared packages for all of the major suppliers.

With this information to hand, we worked seamlessly alongside the contractor and dove straight into the project from day one on site.

We carried out bi-weekly reviews and site meetings to ensure everything ran smoothly and to plan, while closely managing the design team to ensure the remaining design work was provided on time.

Each subcontractor and supplier was engaged and employed in good time to ensure timely delivery of their work and to keep the flow and pace of the project in line with the schedule we mapped out.

During the project, a number of major risks to the delivery time were identified. That’s when our contingency plans came into play, preventing these risks from causing further problems.

“We started working with Multiproject last year and they are now our go-to partner for cost consultancy on our projects. Everything is delivered quickly and professionally and has helped us make some
important decisions.

They even advised us not to go ahead with some projects even though it meant them losing out on revenue, they always prioritised our needs like it was their own business and that kind of transparency is golden in this industry!”

Martin S