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The route to success

Understanding which procurement routes are right to grow your construction business

Do the procurement routes of your projects align with the long-term goals of your construction business? Do you have a strong handle on the demands each procurement route will place on your team before you go to tender? Procurement routes that don’t play to your strengths and capabilities can impact your bottom line and the growth of your business. So how can you find out if you’re choosing the right project to tender for when it comes to procurement?

By downloading your free guideConstruction procurement routes: know your responsibilities.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll get:

  • an overview of the major procurement routes used in the UK construction industry today
  • an easy-to-use flow chart to help you determine which procurement routes are the right plan to tender
  • a contract features table to help you easily compare provisions across the most widely used contracts
  • advice on how to protect your business interests when engaged in lump sum contracts

To maximise your profits with projects utilising procurement routes that meet your business objectives and long-term goals, download your free guide, cross-checking flow chart and contract features comparison table.

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