4 things to consider when choosing a construction cost consultant

Published: May 16, 2021
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When it comes to residential building projects, there is a lot you need to consider right from the start. From knowing what the realistic cost of the project will be to ensuring you have the right contracts in place to reduce the chances of disputes, there are a lot of challenges you need to overcome and balance.

A construction cost consultant can help you understand and deal with each of these challenges, making sure you’re in the best place to plan, deliver and profit from your project — no matter its size. However, to get all the possible benefits, you need to ensure you are enlisting the right construction cost consultancy services.

Here are some of the things you should consider when finding the right consultant:


Firm reputation

The reputation of the consultancy firm you are looking at can tell you a lot about how they operate and the level of satisfaction from previous clients. Looking at reviews and testimonials can be incredibly helpful, as can talking to others in the industry who may have come across them.

Similarly, assessing how a company has responded to any issues — whether this is a direct response to a review or an announced change in services — can help you see how much they value their clients.


Size of consultancy

Looking at how big a company is, is also a good idea, especially in relation to the size of your firm. You need to consider how many people you’re likely to deal with at the firm and how much of a priority your business will be to them.

If your business is relatively small and you go with a large consultant, you’ll likely find that you are put to the back of the queue when it comes to priorities. This can lead to delays for you.

Similarly, choosing a small consultancy firm could mean that they struggle to cover peaks in their workload, once again leading to delays. They may also have less developed internal procedures, which can result in variability in service delivery.

Choosing a mid-sized firm can help alleviate these issues, as there are enough people to deal with the work, you will be a priority and they will have internal processes in place to guarantee the quality of their service.

Ideally, you want to be able to build a relationship with the firm while knowing that there are people on hand to provide you with the right expert advice quickly. This can help you avoid delays and building that relationship can aid with future projects too.


Location of the consultants

The location of the firm you are considering may not seem like an important thing, especially as so much can be done digitally now, but it can make a big difference.

Working with a construction cost consultant who is local to you can mean it is easier to meet with them when you need to. You’ll have easier access to their services, which is ideal if there is an emergency or an unexpected issue.

On top of this, a good understanding of the local construction industry is vital. This is especially true in London where costs and formal requirements are considerably higher than the rest of the UK.

Another benefit of working with someone from the same area as you is that it will be easier to get an idea of their reputation and find out what other companies’ experiences have been.


Available services

Of course, the services available from a construction cost consultancy will likely be the biggest factor in your decision. Not only do you need to know that they can provide the services you need, but you also have to be sure that they can deliver those services to a high standard.

Getting a breakdown of all of their services, the different packages they provide and the services they have successfully provided to previous clients delivering similar projects can help with your decision. After all, it is helpful to be able to get multiple services from the same company, but you have to be sure they can deliver each service to a high standard.

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