Why employ a consultant?

You’ve got a solid team behind you to complete your construction project, so why employ us, why employ a consultant to help?

Here are 8 reasons to consider

Clarity on cost

Realistic cost advice is crucial at the inception stage of any project, which is why our consultants are committed to delivering reliable and accurate estimates and pre-tender analyses using well-tested methods and up-to-date cost data. With a comprehensive overview of your project, we can ensure its properly governed from the start, both in terms of cost and feasibility, providing clarity to both you and your clients.

Reducing the risk of disputes

Most construction disputes can be traced back to the initial contract arrangements and documents. Our consultants and quantity surveyors will advise all parties on their contractual responsibilities, ensuring your interests are protected at every stage. By providing detailed and accurate tender documents and contracts, we’ll eliminate ambiguity and reduce the risk of future conflicts.

Greater profitability

Whether you’re delivering a project to a limited budget or need to complete a build to a fixed price, limiting your costs without compromising on quality is essential. That’s what our quantity surveyors are here to ensure. By vetting suppliers and subcontractors and conducting on-going assessments and reviews for you, you’ll save money and see greater profits.

Industry knowledge

Our consulting quantity surveyors work on several projects a year, which gives them an in-depth understanding of current market conditions, trends and regulations. This insider knowledge will benefit the delivery of your project and optimise your business planning, budgeting and risk assessments.

Ensuring on-schedule delivery

Our quantity surveyors can minimise the risk of your projects overrunning by providing clarity, accountability and regular performance reviews. By consistently and comprehensively monitoring your project, potential delays and risks can be flagged and addressed as soon as possible.

Implementing well-tested methods and procedures

Our quantity surveyors and contract management consultants bring a wealth of knowledge to give you a competitive edge as a business. Combining this with tried and tested methodologies, they’ll ensure your project runs smoothly, without last-minute shocks or delays.

Helping you to focus on what you do best

Dealing with contractual and financial matters on top of construction work can often lead to delays and loss of profits. With our consultants on hand, you can focus all of your efforts on project delivery and bidding for new projects, while we deal with the legal, regulatory and financial matters.

Enabling business growth

With consistent, professional and tested procedures, our consultants will help you manage project delivery and profitability, so you can complete a greater number of projects while growing your business and maximising profits.

From the tender stage through to handing over of the building, the Multiproject team’s attention to detail, professional approach and commitment were second to none. They were instrumental in the on-time and on budget delivery of services.

The capabilities and grasp of the industry across the team, ensure they can react quickly with a full understanding of our requirements and respond accordingly and effectively, ensuring we meet our client’s deadline with a high quality submission. The team showed themselves to be both willing to help and capable of delivering quality support.

Piotr Gorski
GP Basement Building & Refurbishment Ltd

We would like to take an opportunity to recommend Multiproject as a professionaland reliable estimator and project coordinator. We have been working together since 2015. They are always dependable and extremally effective and have become our key team for estimating and contract management. Multiproject are highly skilled and experienced professionals, able to keep an eye on every project detail and meet the tightest deadlines.

Robert Nowak
RBS Service Ltd

We chose Multiproject for estimating, quantity surveying and contract management simply as they provide very comprehensive estimates and professional contract management. We are pleased to work with them in many ofour projects. Multiproject deliver accurate estimates always on time. We are more than happy to recommend their services.

Anrzej Cholota
Grand Construction and Building Services Ltd

We have worked with Multiproject on two projects where we were acting as Quantity Surveyors appointed by the Employer and they were acting as Quantity Surveyors for the Contractor.

Multiproject were very approachable and comfortable to work with and knowledgeable in matters of contract and costs relating to the projects. They were fair and reasonable with regards to agreeing variations costs relating to the projects in question and their contribution to the ‘build’ process was positive and helpful.

We would have no hesitation in working again with Multiproject and would strongly recommend them to any building contractor seeking a Quantity Surveyor to assist them with a project from start to completion.

R J Mason
Burr and Neve

I am very pleased with the service provided by Bart Kolosowski and the Multiproject team. I wanted a Design and Construct package on a major flat refurbishment project, which also included a substantial new basement. Togetherwith the main contractor, Multiproject took full responsibility for preparing plans, schedules of works, costings, programming and helped establishing contract documentation.

The project has run to time, with monthly valuation detail produced realistically and fairly. I highly recommend Multiproject services, especially for those who run multiple building projects at one time, as day to day project progress can safely be left to the Multiproject team.

Paul Gooden
Paul Gooden Associates

Workmanship has always been excellent, with subtrade efficiently coordinated and fair and reasonable costing. All requests, questions or concerns were dealt with promptly and without resistance and they were extremely helpful in assisting us with various project management decisions.

We look forward to working with Multiproject.

Dariusz Golabek
JD Build Ltd

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