Why employ a construction cost consultant?

You’ve got a great team in place to complete your project, so why do you need to employ a consultant?

Construction Cost Consultant


Whatever the project, you want to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible, stays on budget, is delivered on time and provides your forecasted profits. To achieve all of this, you need to make sure you have the best team, knowledge and experience to see potential issues before they cause problems and keep things moving as they should.

You need specialist skills that you may not have in your team. It can also mean a lot of extra time is required, which you may not have available. This is where construction consultants come in.

8 reasons to hire a consultant

Clarity on cost

Accurate and realistic cost advice is crucial at the start of any project and throughout. This is why our consultants are committed to delivering accurate and reliable estimates and pre-tender analyses. We use well-tested methods and up-to-date cost data to ensure the information you have accurately reflects your project.

With this comprehensive overview of your project, we can ensure it is properly governed from the start in terms of cost and feasibility. It also allows us to provide clarity to you and your clients while ensuring the profitability of your project. 

Reducing the risk of disputes

The majority of construction disputes are traceable back to the initial documents and contract arrangements. Our consultants provide accurate and detailed tender documents and contracts to help reduce the risk of disputes throughout your project. We also advise all parties on their contractual responsibilities, protect your interests at every stage and help your project run smoothly.

Increased profitability

Whether you’re delivering outcomes on a limited budget or your build needs to be completed at a fixed price, we can help you limit your costs without compromising on quality. By providing accurate estimates and cost advice, we help ensure that every project is as profitable as possible. We can vet suppliers and subcontractors and conduct ongoing assessments and reviews. All of this means you’ll save money and see excellent profits.

Industry knowledge

Our team has decades of combined experience and works on several projects a year. This means we have an in-depth understanding of current market conditions, trends and regulations.

This detailed knowledge allows us to make recommendations based on experience and the current market, helping with the delivery of your project while also optimising your business planning, budgeting and risk assessments.

Ensuring on-schedule delivery

Many construction projects end up completing late, resulting in more costs and affecting returns. We help your project run on time by providing clarity, accountability and regular performance reviews. We consistently and comprehensively monitor your project, allowing us to flag and address potential delays and risks as soon as possible so they don’t impact your completion date and profits.

Implementing well-tested methods and procedures

Not only does our team offer a wealth of knowledge that can give you a competitive edge, but we also combine this with tried and tested methodologies. This allows us to provide accurate information and risk assessments to ensure your project runs smoothly and you don’t experience any last-minute issues or delays. 

Helping you focus on what you do best

We understand that there are a lot of moving parts to consider when it comes to construction projects. This is why our team is on hand to ensure you can focus on exactly what you need to move your project forward. From ensuring accurate estimates to providing risk assessments and managing information release schedules, we can provide the support you need while making sure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

Enabling business growth

Our consultants help you manage project delivery and profitability through our use of consistent, professional and tested procedures. Not only does this help you maximise your profits, but it can also enable you to complete a greater number of projects so you can grow your business.

Our Case Studies

Find out how we have supported developers and contractors on previous projects.


Fast track delivery of three houses

Our detailed construction programme ensured on-time and under-budget delivery.

Commercial building conversion into flats

Our build cost review enabled the contractor to overcome cash-flow problems via renegotiation of agreed costs with their client.

Final account settlement of a residential project

We reviewed the account, resolved ambiguities and settled the account, including the disputed variations costs.

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“Staying on budget and on schedule is so much easier now! Your team is a delight to work with. We would be happy to recommend you to our network. Thank you for all your help.”

Marion B

“Multiproject are a rare find! Everything was completed quickly and was easy to access and well presented. Would highly recommend”

Developer client 

“We started working with Multiproject last year and they are now our go-to partner for cost consultancy on our projects. Everything is delivered quickly and professionally and has helped us make some important decisions. They even advised us not to go ahead with some projects even though it meant them losing out on revenue, they always prioritised our needs like it was their own business and that kind of transparency is golden in this industry!”

 Martin S

“We never realised how much we needed help! Bart’s team helped us to move quickly and ensure our development stayed profitable and could be completed in the timescales we projected. They are always willing to help us, even at short notice, and everything is always done to a high standards and well presented which makes it easier tho find the information we need quickly. They also use the latest software and tools, and treated our business like it was their own, which meant we always had the best possible information to work with.”

Mark T

“Multiproject provided us with accurate construction cost estimation based on the up to date RICS and market data and precise material, labour and other costs. Bart and his team's help in planning and managing our schedule and costs has been invaluable. My advice is for anyone thinking they can do it all themselves is to just give them a try. Multiproject are now a fundamental partner in our business now and we wouldn't trust anyone else with our projects”

N Davies
Developer client

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    Why employ a construction cost consultant?

    You need specialist skills that you may not have in your team. It can also mean a lot of extra time is required, which you may not have available.

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