Smooth-sailing JCT contracts

Understanding the powers and duties you, your employer and the architect hold

Do you fully understand your roles and responsibilities as set out in each JCT Intermediate Contract (IC) you undertake? What about for your employer or the architect involved? Do you know the appropriate steps to take in response to the architect’s instructions? Without a resolute yes to each of these questions, you’re at greater risk of misunderstandings and disputes which can push your project off track.

By downloading your free tools to navigate JCT IC contracts, you can confidently answer yes to these questions, saving you time, stress and ultimately money. 

Your download will include: 

  1. Three comprehensive tables detailing powers and duties, clause by clause, for: 
    • you as the contractor
    • your employer or client
    • the architect assigned to the project
  2. An easy-to-use flowchart to guide you through the process of dealing with architect instructions. 

Make sure you know where you stand with your JCT IC contracts and keep your projects running on time and on budget.

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Where do you stand with CAs?

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