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My budget is limited — how can I afford to pay a consultant?

Our consulting services are focused on helping you deliver projects on time and budget, ensuring profitability and maximising your ROI. We help you save money and the savings are likely to be greater than our consultancy fees. Overall, this means that we can work within your limited budget while still reducing your costs.

On top of this, we also save you a lot of time by handling a considerable amount of paperwork. For contractors, this means you can focus your efforts on the actual construction work. For developers, this ensures you can deal with other areas of your projects to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Can you understand my business as well as I do?

You know your business and your project better than anyone else. We can never match that level of personal knowledge but we do everything we can to find out as much as possible. Our team has also worked on countless construction projects with different developers, contractors, clients, architects and designers, providing us with invaluable industry knowledge that informs our services.

This breadth of experience means we can provide you with fresh insights and new ideas that can help ensure the best results and returns. We also use excellent tried and tested methodologies, all to support your business.

Will I lose control over my project?

No, absolutely not. We work with you to support your business and your project to deliver the best returns. We’ll carry out the agreed work, including cost consultancy, estimates, budgets, regulations and legal matters, but all of the important decisions are yours to make. We’ll provide you with tailored advice that you can use to make fully informed decisions.

I don’t want anyone to know about my financial situation, can you accommodate this?

We are bound by a duty of care which includes confidentiality. We can also arrange a non-disclosure agreement if you have concerns about any sensitive aspect of a project including the financial situation. We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

How can I trust that your quantity surveyors won’t put their financial gains above my best interests?

We know how important it is to build strong and positive working relationships. While our quantity surveyors do make money from their work, we believe that good business means always putting our clients’ best interests first. We always strive to maximise the profitability of your business.

A large amount of our business is driven by word of mouth and many clients return to us for new projects. This means that looking after our clients’ interests is what is best for us too, so you can trust us to work for you.

How will a construction cost consultant benefit my business?

We offer a range of services, each of which provides its own set of benefits depending on what you need. One of the best benefits we provide is profitability — we ensure that your projects run on time and budget, helping to deliver the best possible returns.

We can also make sure that things run smoothly when it comes to contracts and information release schedules, allowing you to focus only on the areas you need to. This ensures that many of the issues that often cause delays don’t affect your project.

My project has already started, can you still help?x

Yes, we can help improve the profitability of your project even if it has started. We work with clients who face cash flow problems part of the way through their project, or who are concerned about their costs being over budget. We can prepare new and detailed cost estimates to help aid re-negotiations or amend plans to ensure that you can deliver projects profitably.

Can you help with technically complex projects?

Our team has decades of experience within the construction industry, ensuring we have the knowledge and understanding to work with you on complex building infrastructure and buildings with complex technology solutions. We also take time to get to know each project as fully as possible, allowing us to deal with all aspects of it.

What assurances can you provide that all deadlines will be met?

We thoroughly plan and maintain communication along the way, allowing us to deliver all projects on time. Our track record with strict and tight timescales is second to none, and we understand how important on-time delivery is in terms of profitability for our clients.

How do you manage quality?

Quality is important to us here at Multiproject as we want to ensure our clients’ satisfaction every step of the way. All of our work is completed to the highest possible standard, and we have procedures in place to ensure that this is the case.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are happy with the standard of work. We both listen to and act on feedback provided so that we can deliver services that our clients are 100% happy with.

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