Accurate estimates for every project of any size

Whether you’ve landed a small residential project or a large commercial build, we’ll provide you with reliable and accurate cost estimates on time, so that your project will stay within budget and on schedule. With a realistic budget in hand, you can more easily assess your expenditure at every stage of your project and identify and address overspending risks early.

As part of our estimating services, we:

  • carry out pre-tender analysis so you get the best value from your suppliers
  • use tried and tested methodology, well-established software and up-to-date cost data
  • produce detailed estimates in accordance with British standards, with all rates fully resourced, subcontractors’ costs quoted by specialists and specialist supply costs quoted by suppliers
  • Price pricing schedules included in tender packs and where unavailable, provide full bills of quantities or schedules appropriate to the project
  • Promptly reply to all post-tender queries

How it works

Our straightforward 4-step estimating service covers all the bases and will ensure that you get accurate, reliable estimates to set your project up for success.

From start to finish, our estimating service involves 4 simple steps:

  1. You send us all your project documents. If you have trouble sending them across, just give us a call and we’ll help.
  2. We assess the project and calculate the time required to price it.
  3. We return a fee quote and confirm the date when you can expect your estimate, usually within one working day.
  4. We always take the tender return date into consideration and you are under no obligation to go forward with the estimate. If you do confirm that would like to go ahead, we take a 50% downpayment, with the remaining cost payable upon completion of your estimate
  1. Once the project is confirmed we check all your documents and report back to you if any are missing or inconsistent.
  2. We ask you about packages you subcontract and request your subcontractors’ details.
  3. You let us know your labour rates.
  4. We prepare packages of work.
  5. We send out enquiries to suppliers and subcontractors.
  1. Once all enquiries are sent out, we prepare a full take off for the project.
  2. We prepare fully resourced rates for all in-house works.
  3. We assess supplier’s quotes and incorporate them into your estimate.
  4. We complete the estimate and cross check it for errors.
  1. Once the estimate is complete, we call you to discuss the estimated project costs, significant risks, preliminaries and project programme, your markups and the final project price.
  2. Once you have agreed to the details discussed, we send you the estimate and a full set of financial and resource reports and schedules, as well as quotes from the suppliers.
  3. Finally, we issue you an invoice for our service.

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